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Could someone explain me how to get the screensaver to use all of my 6 cores ? I already downloaded and rendered a few frames, but only using a small portion of the available cpu. Thank you !


is it too complicated to get an answer ? even if it's not possible I would like to know !

only the old linux client

only the old linux client supports this, and that's getting phased out. we don't have a shortage of CPU, and it can lead to overheating, so there's no option for it, sorry.

Even though..

Overheating on who's part? I know for a fact that more than a few of us ES users are also participating in BOINC run projects, more often than not those projects use 100% CPU or 95% (+/-5%) GPU. My system NEVER reaches over 45C when under load. Even my laptop under full load never reaches more than 60C.

Regardless of there not being an option for it currently, it would be great for the future. Especially when we start converting entire sequences to 1920x1200 (or 1080 or both for clients that could support it).

You know as well as I do what increased CPU potential could do for this project.

I guess that's it is too

I guess that's it is too complicated ? UP !

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