I put a rough sheep on my iphone, looking for help creating and sharing sheep for iphone

Hello everyone! My name is Grayson i am new to ES but completely in love! I already downloaded sheep packs 3-7 for flock 244 and then started trying to create my own sheep with Oxidizer when i discovered that flames can be rendered for the Iphone! So, i used my rudimentary sheep building skills to make a "star" sheep, rendered it, put it on my iphone and it playes as a video! Now, I know my 5 second low res sheep on my iphone is not very impressive, but it shows that it can be done and since there seems to be a lot of interest here in the forum for sheep on the iphone i thought id throw the idea out there! People (I) can make a sequence of connected flames and export them in high res, then we (I) could upload all of the premade sheep videos to one central place online where others could download them and save them to their iphones to enjoy on the go! There would be no edges or anything so the videos would be the same everytime, but we have to start somewhere. This is a idea im excited about (i want sheep on my iphone) but i dont have all the know how. So if theres anyone else out there lets start bouncing ideas off eachother and we can make this happen!

Hi Grayson, I like your idea.

Hi Grayson,

I like your idea. My son has an Ipod and My wife and I purchased a new Ipod for our daughter. My son does some awsome things with his. I'm going to ask him if he can view video, specifically AVi and Im goin gto try and see what the prosess is like for the user, him. Once I know what he has to do, I might be able to help. I have a website dedicated to virtual things. Maybe if he gives me some good info we could store them on my website for people to download.


How does this sound to you?

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