Making 3d fractals with electric sheep

Hello, you may have seen videos like these recently, someone suggested that developers on electric sheep might want to help with making 3d fractals, and also I have suggested to the authors of the 3d programs that they check out the global processing unit and other online processing toolkits. Here is an example video: One of the 3-D programs is open source called Mandelbulber and the other one is called Mandelbulb3d thanks!

they are very nice, but

they are very nice, but seeing as electric sheep has a philosophy beyond simply graphic arts, I wouldn't think it's a priority for development.

3d flames would certainly be an interesting thing to process (read: complicated) seeing as the current algorithm uses billions of particles.. in fact, the way they are mapped currently looks very 3+ dimensional to me, especially using variations like "spherical." from my understanding, flames use a very different process (which scott describes in a book which i'm about to embark on) than methods used to create mandelbrot sets, which is a recursive method involving the complex plane. thus engineering a "3d" sheep would involve completely reengineering the algorithm up from scratch, which really might as well be another project, unless one is set on using the sheep's network evolution model.

in the meantime, mandelbulber seems like a very cool tool, I will DL and study.

We made similar

We made similar project - HScallop - you may find its sources at google code. There is tools for creating and evolving flame-like sets and their rendering or using with any other purposes.

Version for Maya was not public available, sorry, Houdini only. If it will be finance - we will develop new version compatible with H12 and may be - CUDA-enabled renderer for stereoscopic or plain renderer. Thank you.

got any pix of what it can

cool.  got any pix of what it can do?

there they are. We have some rendertests done with mantra and prman with different ideologies (pointclouds or volume grids), we can search...

3D fractal pros and cons.

Well, 3D fractals are nice, but they take a HUGE amount of time to render one as large as the average computer screen. Average screen size and average processing power would probably mean about 5+ minutes to render one frame in high quality (using mandelbulber). But it might be worth trying.

The Electric Sheep currently

The Electric Sheep currently spends about an hour rendering each frame.

See the following post

See the bottom of this post:

As I stated previously, there is a significant difference between stereoscopy and 3 Dimensional fractals.

Why not?

This seams like a simple enough thing? or is it? 3d images are 2 sets of pictures offset form each other, I think it would be difficult to redo the whole program to make new 3d pictures, and my solution may be too simple but I don't know much about computers or video rendering. why can we not place the images to come over the current images with whatever filter is used to make the 3d image? so frame 1 left Eye & 2 frame Right eye should give us a 3d rendering of the current sheep... I do not know if we need to go frame 1 & 5, 10, 20... or how far apart but then we just shift the frames as we go... even frames right eye, odd frames left eye I do not know how to do this but would love to see it tried...

You guys act like you NEVER

You guys act like you NEVER heard of Apophysis, another flame software that you can animate with. There are 2 and 3D versions of it (currently more 3D these days) and a script that you need to render the animated fractal pack. Hell i thought this was an Apophysis website when I 1st saw it. From what I'm hearing and what it looks like it's still far behind Apophysis as far as variety and power if you can't do any 3D schitt. Yes yes, I've heard of Mandelbulb3D and Mandelbulber, just haven't animated anything with those programs yet.


for those intersted in Apophysis:    (it's imperative that you download the 1st version--Apo 2.0--as a root directory for the other versions of Apophysis to work along with the plugins and flame/script packs)

updated 3D versions:

long-running dA group for Apophysis:

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