mac- screen saver is black

I downloaded the electric sheep screen saver and it has downloaded almost 100 sheep but the screen is just black. How do I fix this? I have a macbook 10.4.11 if that helps.

I'm seeing this as well.

I'm seeing this as well.  Fullscreen in the standalone client doesn't work either (static window-sized image is left in the corner of the screen).  I don't see this "normal" display mode option to try.

Do you use the 10.4.x version

Do you use the 10.4.x version of OS as well? Or can you tell us on which system you are, which mac do you have? PPC or Intel?

Does the small static window appear each time you switch to full screen mode? It happens sometimes on my MacBook Pro, but unfortunately I can't seem to reproduce it each time to understand how to fix it. If on some configurations (yours) it happen all the time, it could be good way how to find the problem and test possible fixes.

Do you use last version of ES? 2.7b33?



I started another thread in

I started another thread in user user forum since it seemed like a more appriopriate place.  (spam filter won't let me link)

The small-image-in-corner issue is very consistent in the standalone app, though there's some variation.  As the window expands to full screen it consistently tracks the bottom-left corner of the window.  Upon reaching full screen it sometimes stays in the bottom left and other times pops to the top left.

running 2.7b33 under 10.6.8 on a MacPro, for reference.

the setting's name has

the setting's name has changed.  look under the "display" tab, and set "interpolation" to "off".

Thanks.  Changing that didn't

Thanks.  Changing that didn't help anything though :/

What is your graphics card?

What is your graphics card? What is your processor? What is the version of ElectricSheep you are trying?

If you run the standalone application /Applications/Electric, does it work? Even in Full Screen mode (cmd-F) or is the rendering there only black as well?

The 10.4.11 is on the edge of our minimum requirements and we don't do much testing on this system, so it is possible you just reached limits of supported hardware and OS. But still try the standalone application.

Also these question should be asked on User forum on this site.

found solution!!

Im having the same problem. downloaded perian so i can view avi's in quicktime im on 10.4.11 newest electric sheep screen goes black when i engage screensaver. standalone app does same thing. quicktime can play them though. THE SOLUTION: go to system pref screensavers click electrisheep then click options select display mode normal! that should fix it it did for me :) glad to have it back!!

Glad to hear it. Yes, I

Glad to hear it. Yes, I forgot to mention normal display mode. Thank you for finding it. Can you please tell me what is your computer? For knowing what are our limitations.


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