Using electric sheep for music visualization?


I'm looking to make a DVD mixtape for my sister and I need some cool music visualization playing in the background, kinda like Strangeloop, or even Winamp's MilkDrop. Does anybody know if this is possible?


Re: music visualization

That's possible if you are using Mac OSX 10.6 and Quicktime Player 10 or above. It is possible to capture screen as video in Quicktime. There must be some screen capturing programme in Windows. Then you can edit the video and mix with your music. 

But what I'm wondering is, if electric sheep's developer is interested in making a real music visualizer version, that the sound and the visual would be related? e.g. Is it possible to generate fractal image by calculating the sound sample? Or is it possible to generate fractal music related to the image?

very interested -- partly

very interested -- partly done and party just ideas still.  primarily focused on the mobile versions right now though.

anyone who's good at this and wants to be involved, would be happy to hear from you.


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