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someone should try making this as a visualizer that plays when music is playing on the iphone, ipod touch, ipod video, etc. that'd be so bad ass...

Sheep for iPods called iSheep

I recently took on this mission to come up with a way to get sheep on my sons iPod. After a huge amount of trial and error I was finally able to come up with a process that makes it easy for anyone to put sheep on their iPods. In the near future Blackberry, Android and iPhone users will also be able to display Sheep. The only thing holdingme back from making them for these other devices is due to the fact that I want to make at least 10 for the iPod and then once those are done, the others will follow easily.

To get the first three, very small files which I used as tests with my sons iPod, go to my website http://VirtualOpoly.com/ipod follow the simple instructions and then download Scott Draves original sample. This sample he created is a longer play time then the first three and is a fitting choice to honor Scott. After downloading his follow the instructions to load it to your iPod.

After I produce 9 more for the iPod, I will start offering other videos for other devices.

I also encourage anyone who has developed their own sheep to request that I set up a gallery on my website. I want to be able to offer your Sheep as iSheep as well. Every iSheep will have to have their generation number and serial number, like 224-13717. It's my intention to sell iSheep for $1.00 and share the proceeds between ElectricSheep.org (20%), the developer (40%), and myself (40%).

I want it.

I might not put it on when I'm worried about battery life, but it'd be great to have.

That is neat, but it would

That is neat, but it would take a lot of power and you don't really need it on your phone. Are you going to sit there and stare at sheep when your sitting on the bus? Probably not, you'll probably be looking outside or reading or something or other.

Probably hell yes.

Not to come off as too pretentious here, but I guarentee it'd take off. Sheep would make an amazing music visualizer, and putting it on the iPhone would not only do wonders for the electric sheep community, but it would fill that void in the portable media player market. There's a whole mess of people who'd like to take thier eye candy to go, and anyone with an iPhone knows there are far worse ways to kill time on the app store (iBeer, anyone?)

I hope more people get behind this wonderful idea.


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