10.4.11 new version screensaver won't even open

i downloaded the new updated version lastnight and it won't even open the screensaver, It won't even open my system preference's screen saver.

before it would have the electric sheep logo at least but now it won't even do that with this new version.

I can be reached at colby_spradlin2002@yahoo.com if you would rather contact me directly

Installing on Red Hat Enterprise 6.2

Hi folks .. I've been using Electric Sheep for a long long time and last Friday my work presented me with a new comp with RHEnterprise on it ..

All my systems have always been Debain or Ubuntu ..

Could someone point me in the direction to install Electric Sheep on this RH system I'll had an extensive search but have come up nothing to assist me ...


I found the problem.....so far

I have found the proble, as why it is crashing. I searched through the logs and it it wasn't finding the "library/application support/electricsheep/sheep/mpeg file" it simply hadn't created it when I did a fresh download. i created the folders and the screensaver is now up...I still haven't let it run long enough to see if any sheep will download though. I will keep you posted. At least this will let you know of what to do if any otehrs encounter this problem

Thanks for the investigation.

Thanks for the investigation. It's strange, when I remove the ElectricSheep folder, it gets recreated correctly.

Can you still send me the crash reports? It would help me understand why it is crashing for you when the folder is not created.


Does it crash the system

Does it crash the system preferences? If yes, can you send me the crash logs? you can find them in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter. Please send them to dasvo [at] planeta [dot] cz.

It was tested on 10.4.11, but maybe there is some other issue introduced.


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