Electric Sheep for OS X doesn't work on Snow Leopard.

There are new requirements for screensavers in OS X 10.6 (AKA Snow Leopard).  From the dev forums.

The new requirements are:

(1) Your screen saver **must** be built for X86-64, since ScreenSaverEngine is now a 64-bit app in Snow Leopard.

(2a) If your screen saver only targets Snow Leopard, then you must set the GC setting to "supported", and you can drop the PPC build if you want, since no one's going to run it.

(2b) If your screen saver must also support Leopard or earlier, then you must set the GC setting to "supported" for X86-64, and "unsupported" for PPC and X86. (Leopard's Screen Saver framework didn't support GC, IIRC.)


So this means you're going to have to port your screen saver to X86-64 with GC support, much like if you were making a preference pane, except that ScreenSaverEngine won't bend over for backward compatibility like System Preferences will. And file bugs on any example screen savers that are not being built for X86-64.

The new b17 is out with Snow

The new b17 is out with Snow Leopard support. Feel free to test it there.


I failed to get the svn code to build on Snow Leopard.   And since I've never used Xcode before, I wonder if it might be possible to create "test builds" for others to help test. :-)



The ES is still in beta

The ES is still in beta phase, so every build is for everybody to test :)

The code in SVN is buildable now on Snow Leopard, just hit the build (command-B). If it still doesn't work, please let me know the details.

Anyway new version b17 with Snow Leopard support will be released very soon.

He is indeed working on it. 

He is indeed working on it.  Patience.  These guys do this stuff for free and small donations :)

If you really want, you can download the source code via SVN (there is a link on the downloads page) and compile it yourself.  There is a wiki link in the following forum thread that tells you how to compile it once you've downloaded the source:


You will need Xcode to do it (you can find this on your SL DVD under Optional Installs).  You'll also want to make sure to set the Targets properly to ensure you build a 10.6 compatible version.

Note that

if you try to build you may need to (as I did) move the proximus.bundle from its build location to the place Xcode is determined to look for it (/Users/<username>/Library/Screen Savers/proximus.bundle)

see http://code.google.com/p/

see http://code.google.com/p/electricsheep/wiki/Compiling#Building_on_MacOS_X


Are you working on an update to Electric Sheep for 10.6?  I am trying to understand.  I am really missing my sheep right now, and was wondering, if there will be an update soon, or, if not, if there is ANY WAY to get my sheep up and running again on Snow Leopard.  Thanks!

Thank you for the summary

Thank you for the summary zimage.

Yes it is exactly what I did. I have the 10.6 version working for the first time and when I have the chance to test it properly on all platforms I will commit all necessary changes to SVN.

I succeeded to build x86_64 platform version and switched on the "new GC" for that platform, all others have GC off as before.



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