Whats Goin On Here?

I stop using Electric sheep for a little over a year....I come back and I see "Communion Dresses" in the programmer forum, Nothing but advertisements, spam, and mp3's in the user forum, and 167 sheep in the post Queue? It hurts me to see it because there are some very beautiful vibrant creations of art in the queue that are just sitting for months. And some new shepherds I see as well showing some amazing new ideas and creation of their own, just to sit there and not see the beauty of its birth till the spark that inspired its creation has already faded. I do not have money to give. which I'm sure is what you mostly need. But I can offer my services at the very least as a forum moderator to go through and clean up all this crap that is destroying a beautiful thing. I also know a lot of people in a lot of places so if you email me a list of all the different help or assistance you need to help get this dream running again I will gladly do my best to find people who can help the Electric Sheep blossom into its true potential. Please get back to me Spot or Chris or whoever asap so I can try to help before this thing shuts down completely. -BrothaLewis -Chris

Idea! (An obvious one)

Why not just let us render the fractals on our own computers? Simple as that. I can do loads of small frames of 3D fractals in just a few hours, so I can probably do a small number of large sized frames for simpler fractals in the same amount of time or less. (Probably the latter)

EDIT: Oh, wait, it seems to already do that. Then how can it take months to get a clip rendered?

it doesn't take months to

it doesn't take months to render a clip, that's long they wait before it starts rendering.

welcome back brotha

welcome back brotha lewis.

about the spam: i went on vacation for a couple days, and the spammers attacked. i will try to remove it asap, but since we recently moved to a new server the function that deletes spam accounts is not working so we have to fix that first. it's a priority for me.

about the queue: once bandwidth became a big problem for us i have limited the number of sheep produced every day, which means the queue moves too slowly. it's definitely a long-standing problem for designers. when we introduce the freemium system and start rendering more sheep, that should help a lot. after that's settled, we'll see what more action is needed.

new posts count wrong

Hi spot,<p>Since you deleted all the spam from the forums recently I'm still getting "964 new" shown against the User Forum and "1 new" against the Programmer Forum even though there are no new posts.<p>A minor quibble, I know, and I'm sure you have other things to do with your time; but just in case you hadn't noticed the problem...<br><br>Also, the HTML tags don't seem to be working!

the counts should be fixed

the counts should be fixed now.  can you recheck?

if you want to use your own markup click the "html" button in the editor.

Sorry, counts are still

Sorry, counts are still wrong.

I hadn't noticed the change to the editor!

I am also stll getting

I am also stll getting incorrect counts

Thanks Spot

Thanks for your response Spot, Im looking forward to the new improvements. Let me know if I can help at all

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