Interrupts movies and games

My PC:

Pentium 4 -- 1.6 GHz -- 768 RAM -- Windows XP home -- Nivida fx5200 vid card Other PC is more up to date.

The sheep are working beautifuly except for one problem. They come on when we are watching movies or playing games and we have to keep turning the screensaver off. The old version never did this. Any suggestions?

Being retired, movies and games are the main use for our computers so this is actually a biggie for us.


There are other screen savers? *blinks* 

Seriously we have always just used the sheep since about 2000. Never thought to check with anything else. Will do and let you know.

The operating system decides

The operating system decides when to invoke the screensaver, so maybe there's a setting that's been changed.  What about other screensavers, do they come on the same way?

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