First attempt to export a sheep failed

Not suprised actually, because I have no idea what I'm doing. I couldn't see anywhere to USE a script, and the link I was sent to was broken. How do I use a script? Secondly...I'm having fun playing with Apophysis 2.07SE, but I need to move on to how to contribute and what happens after that. I have a whole list of questions that I've been keeping as I've been going along, too. Is there a step by step instruction anywhere specifically geared to Electric Sheep contributions using Apophysis? Here is what happened when I tried to do this on my own (if you can find it from this): Generation 244 - Sheep 44802

In the queue

Your sheep is currently in the post_queue waiting to be rendered. You can see the queue at

If it doesn't look as you expected, click on the image of your sheep and then on the genome tab and you can see and download the file as it ended up on the server.

If the script you're referring to is Exper's "Export Sheep" mentioned in the welcome email from the genetic-design mailing list, you can obtain it here You need to store it in the same folder as the scripts supplied with Apophysis, which will depend on your system.

To run a script, look under the Scripts menu in the main window.

Hope this helps.

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