flam3 renderer

Um, I'm hoping this is the right place.. The wiki for the flam3 renderer referred me here. I'm running Apophysis via Wineskin on my Mac, and when I try to use ctrl-X to launch the flam3 renderer, a (filename).flame file is created but the renderer doesn't seem to launch. It won't launch in Wineskin, and the readme says that it requires development tools to work (but it comes with a binary, so I'm not sure that's what it's talking about, because the readme isn't specific about what it's referring to..). Is there anybody who's done this and could advise me?

I don't know about apo under

I don't know about apo under wine on mac, but if you just want a good flame editor with native flam3 support for mac, try fr0st: http://draves.org/blog/archives/000701.html

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